Postpartum healing foods


Regardless of how you give birth, your body will go through a healing process in the weeks that follow. Your body will need more iron for postpartum bleeding. Your connective tissue in your uterus will need to be re-built. Your skin will need to heal if you have a perineal tear or c-section incision. And there will be nutrients that need to be replenished after 9 months of pregnancy.

Because of all these factors, we need to take care of YOU as you take care of your baby.

We want to restore your energy levels. We want to promote skin and tissue healing. We want to replenish depleted nutrients. And we want to reduce inflammation from the inside out (there’s even some research to link inflammation with postpartum depression).

So here are my top 5 postpartum healing foods with the nutrients to help you look and feel your best after birth. I’ve included supplement versions as well because it can be tricky to find the time to always cook or prepare food ourselves (hello, newborn baby, housework and no sleep!). I’ve been there (twice) and I’ve got you, mama.

Healing Foods

  • Bone broth // hydrolyzed collagen powder
  • Beef liver // desiccated liver capsules
  • Seaweed // spirulina powder
  • Cacao // dark chocolate (70% cacao or higher)
  • Fermented foods // probiotics

Watch the video to find out why I love these foods and how they’ll help your postpartum recovery. And if you found this helpful, don’t forget to share this with a new mama or mama-to-be!