Health is the greatest gift you can give your child

My Story

During my first pregnancy, I desperately wanted to know how I could have a healthy and happy pregnancy. I wanted to know how I could make healthier choices to improve my baby’s development, feel my best during pregnancy, and look my best after my baby was born.

You see, my journey towards a healthy pregnancy started when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, PCOS. I had struggled with cystic acne for years. I was bloated all the time and I had irregular periods. I hadn’t had a period in three years and doctors told me I’d never fall pregnant naturally. 

My Story

I desperately wanted to know how I could have a healthy and happy pregnancy

Determined to change this, I had to change my relationship with food. I had to “undo” a lot of unhealthy habits including an addiction to sugar and processed food.

I cut out processed food and “cleaned” up my diet. I started working out, focused on reducing stress, and embraced a more positive outlook.

I instantly saw the power of healthier choices. Most importantly, my periods returned, and I was able to conceive both my children naturally.

My Story

mindful eating helped me transition into motherhood feeling my best

After seeing the power of healthy choices in my life, I was surprised there wasn’t any evidence-based information that speaks to the modern mother. The information on websites was outdated. At the best of times, it was confusing.

I know from first-hand experience that there are many ups and downs to pregnancy (nausea, fatigue, and moodiness to name a few). But I believe mindful eating and movement helped me have the pregnancies and births I dreamed of. And I’ve seen the power of healthier choices help give women their best pregnancy experience.

My Story

I've seen the power of healthier choices help give women their best pregnancy experience

I became so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned, that I pivoted from a career at the United Nations to become a Certified Health Coach, with a focus on pregnancy health and wellness.

I believe every woman deserves the right to experience her best pregnancy – and every woman deserves to be a healthier, happier mama after her baby is born.

Bella Mama Co. is dedicated to you, mama, and I’m excited to do this pregnancy journey with you.

My Story

I experienced first-hand the power of making healthier choices during pregnancy